11 January 2019


The new EVOX MULTIFUNCTION blast chillers, in addition to the normal cooling functions also offer several "heating" functions that give the possibility of use the appliance in a completely new way.

EVOX puts at the service of Chefs new functions such as: RETARD-PROVING for doughs, LOW TEMPERATURE SLOW COOKING +65°C, THAWING(from -20°C to +8°C), HOT HOLDING, and pasteurization.

Thanks to these innovative functions it is possible to IMPROVE THE ORGANIZATION of the kitchen by using the blast chiller for operations that previously could only be carried out with other appliances.
It is also possible to use the EVOX blast chiller during moments when it is not normally used, so it is during service or during the night. EVOX will be the new assistant of your kitchen brigade!

With the LOW-TEMPERATURE SLOW COOKING +65°C function, it is possible to perform cooking sessions with CORE PROBE or BY TIME, AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOWED BY A BLAST CHILLING CYCLE +3°C or FREEZING -18°C.

EVOX will take care of everything, REGULATING TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY during cooking, thanks to the FAN-SPEED CONTROL that adapts the airflow to the needs of the cycle in progress and thanks to the BOILER that GENERATES HUMIDITY, both standard on all the PLUS versions.
At the end of cooking, EVOX will AUTOMATICALLY start a BLAS CHILLING or DEEP-FREEZING CYCLE, or in alternative KEEP THE FOOD WARM until it will be servecd or processed again.

At the end of the cooling cycle, EVOX maintains the temperature until the chef has returned to the kitchen and store the product into refrigerated cabinets. This possibility makes perfect the use of the EVOX for the OVERNIGHT COOK & CHILL

For information about the use of EVOX special programs visit our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nAfLNm4YJM&t=3s

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