11 September 2019

EVOX: no stress

Time management in a kitchen is essential. Every moment is precious for a chef, who always have to keep his working environment under control.

This is why Sincold has decided to help users to minimize the loss of time, making the blast chillers easier to use but increasing their efficiency.

Hence, in parallel with multi-functionality, EVOX gives a second important advantage: the ease of use.

Thanks to the intuitive icon menu of the new controller it is now possible start the blast chiller by choosing the desired function in just a few clicks. This way the control of the whole production is simpler and faster.

In addition to the new graphics that allow an easier access to functions, we have introduced the following news:

  • the possibility to perform automatic cycles, which allows the user to start working immediately without any pre-set of the machine, reducing start-up times;

  • a new complete customizable cookbook for gastronomies, bakeries, pastries and ice cream shops, which provides the right cycle for any dish, allowing the chef an easier use of the blast chiller, also for products that he has never cooled down, without the need to know every single cycle;

  • 8 languages available, with the possibility to add new languages upon request.

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