17 July 2019

LOW GWP - Your choice for the future

Within the constantly evolving panorama of refrigerating gases for professional refrigeration, Sincold has always worked hard to searching cutting-edge solutions in respect of the environment.


Alongside the traditional range of plug-in blast chillers operating in R452a, which has replaced R404a, we continue to strengthen the line of blast chillers for CO2; at the same time, we have started supplying blast chillers with semi-hermetic compressor suitable for R448a and R449a gases.


In the conservation field the R404a gas has been replaced by R452a (low temperature) and R134a (positive temperature). Instead, in the R290 range we have improved the energy class of the products.


Here is our range in detail:

  • plug-in blast chillers R452a;
  • blast chillers for CO2 central refrigeration;
  • blast chillers for central refrigeration systems or with remote unit R448a / R449a;
  • refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated counters and retarder provers R452a and R134a;
  • refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated counters and retarder provers R290a.


Currently, based on the legislation in force and the availability of supplies, these are the most widespread technical solutions in Europe. In case of updates from a legislative or technical point of view, we will propose adjustments to our production offer.

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