08 August 2019

Reliability for Sincold: Artigiani Pastai Bondi

Sincold products guarantee overtime reliability and performance.

Today, more than ever, longevity is a key requirement for a good investment.

Our products have a surprising average life, which goes beyond 10 years. Higher than a normal blast chiller. This means that Sincold blast chillers can be submitted to an intensive or non-stop use.


Long time customers are the best prof of this. The Company Artigiani Pastai Bondi, an artisan pasta factory in the Ferrara area - Italy. Thanks to the use of four Sincold blast chillers, Bondi's company is able to offer top-quality fresh products every day, respecting the characteristics of selected ingredients. Thanks to this choice Artigiani Pastai Bondi embody the perfect example of an Italian excellence company, which was one of the first ones in the artisan pasta production sector to obtain the requirements for the C.E.E., a symbol of guaranteed quality.


The first Sincold blast chiller was installed in this factory 15 years ago and is still in use today, giving testimony of products longevity.

Sincold products are reliable because they keep their value over time.

Investments are important, make the right choice!

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