30 March 2017

Why is the blast chiller necessary?

Why is the blast chiller necessary, according to HACCP guidelines?

The EU directive 93/43 / EEC and 96/3 / EC on hygiene in foodstuff state that:
"The food industry manager must identify every phase that could be critical for food safety and have to ensure that appropriate security procedures are identified, applied, maintained and updated ... ".

The law also protect the consumer from the risks of micro-biotic contamination either direct, so caused by contaminated food, or indirect, that means that it is caused by non-hygienic man’s manipulation.

It follows that:


BLAST CHILLED + 3 ° C at the heart; or
DEEP FROZEN -18 ° C at the heart.

Furthermore, not everybody knows that a VIOLATION OF SUCH DIRECTIVES CAN LEAD TO A PENAL OFFENCE.

That's why the blast chiller is a MUST-HAVE appliance. Its use guarantees quality and safety and minimizes the contamination that occurs during the cooling at room temperature.

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